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Are you looking to scale your business but find that your technology initiatives are not aligned with your goals?

Is your ongoing pivot at risk due to communication breakdowns between your business and technology teams?

Are you tired of investing in technology solutions that don't deliver the results you need to grow your business?

Our 5-day Intensive* Diagnostic brings the power of our collective experience to diagnose your immediate concerns.

* We expect your commitment, but the intense work is on our side.

What if you could…

  • MissionMake progress on your initiative with confidence in the outcome
  • MissionEliminate doubts from stakeholders and your team
  • MissionClarify assumptions and be clear on their applicable scenarios
  • MissionReassess and realign priorities and effort
5 day intensive diagnostic

Chances are you’re reading this because something isn’t going right. Maybe some things are going well, but there are doubts. Something feels off.

We're here to help you identify and address the underlying issues that are preventing your success. With our comprehensive and thorough diagnostic process, we'll provide you with a clear action plan and the confidence you need to move forward and make progress.

We partner with you to leverage your existing knowledge and documentation to make a deep diagnosis of the situation.
Whatever the situation is.

5 day intensive diagnostic

At Quicksilver, we pride ourselves on being able to find the things that others don't think of.

Our 5-day intensive diagnostic is designed to dive deep into your business situation, processes, and strategy, considering your company's values, goals, and history. We’ll review your documentation and code base while interviewing your employees. We know that the things people say, don’t always line up with what’s written down, so we make sure we cover our bases.

Our diagnostic will clarify the current state of your company's technology infrastructure and systems and make sure you’re set up for success.

We identify technical and organizational issues that impede the success of your initiative. Our diagnostic assesses readiness by thoroughly evaluating the company's culture, organizational structure, and processes.

Our final output includes a clear action plan and recommendations to resolve any identified issues and improve the company's chances of success with the initiative.

5 day intensive diagnostic

Who you’ll be working with

Experienced Professionals

Our diagnostics team is made up of experienced professionals who specialize in identifying and addressing the technical and organizational issues that prevent technology initiatives from being successful. You’ll have two point-persons, but the collective experience of the team.

Close Cooperation

We believe in taking a holistic approach to diagnostics, which means that we look at more than just the technology. We work closely with our client's in-house experts to ensure that our assessment is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

We believe that it's our job to find the things that others don't think of, which is why our diagnostic process is designed to be comprehensive and thorough.

Accurate Assessment

At Quicksilver, we're committed to providing our clients with an honest and accurate assessment of their situation. We're not here to sugarcoat things, our mission is to validate our clients' activities and assumptions and challenge them when necessary.

From Working With Quicksilver,
You’ll Benefit From The Following

A comprehensive understanding of 'Risk versus Value'

Our team will work with you to evaluate the risks your organization is facing and how they impact the company's values and how to mitigate them. You’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about the direction of your initiative and ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Decades of experience across almost every industry

Our team has decades of experience working with organizations in almost every industry. We've encountered a wide variety of risks and challenges and have developed a deep understanding of how to address them effectively. This allows us to quickly identify and address the unique challenges faced by your organization.

Putting it on paper

Sometimes it can be hard to see the big picture when you're too close to the situation. Our diagnostic process puts everything on paper in plain language which makes it actionable. This way everyone can understand the risks and challenges the organization is facing and work together to address them.

Getting rid of the obvious solutions and finding the game changers

Our team is trained to look beyond the obvious solutions and find the game changers. We'll help you to identify the root causes of the problems your organization is facing and develop a plan of action that addresses them. This ensures that you're not wasting time and resources on solutions that won't make a real impact, but instead tackle the real problems and bring real benefits.

5 day intensive diagnostic

From Our Partners

5 day intensive diagnostic
5 day intensive diagnostic

“Quicksilver exceeded our expectations in developing our organization's comprehensive membership management system. They replaced multiple systems and our outdated website with one unified solution, complete with a CMS and member self-service capabilities with workflows.

Their attention to detail was impressive, and they were able to get started on the project quickly. They delivered the project on time and within budget, and our management team and members were extremely satisfied with the results.

I highly recommend Quicksilver for their expertise, attention to detail, ability to get started quickly, and delivering top-quality solutions.”

Kelly Stofer, Chief Administrative Officer
ABCLS (Association of BC Land Surveyors)


Here’s how it works

5 day intensive diagnostic
Step 1

Intro call

During this call, we’ll assess your situation enough to assign the right team of experts.

Step 2

Research and Analysis

The team will begin by reviewing the documentation and data provided and start conducting necessary research and analysis to understand the current situation.

Step 3

Validate and Expand

The team will meet with you to validate their initial research and understanding of the situation. This is an opportunity for you to provide additional information or clarification on any points that may be unclear.

Step 4

Assess and Diagnose

The team will work to identify the root cause of underlying issues or problems and build a roadmap that aligns with your team, skills, and overall company values.

Step 5

Present Findings and Roadmap

The team will present their findings and recommendations. We will provide a detailed report outlining the issues identified, provide guidance on next steps and any necessary follow-up.

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