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We help companies with strategy, business planning and technology implementation. We act as internal consulting groups for companies undergoing rapid change and growth

What’s in a Name?

Quicksilver is the name given to the element Mercury because it flows easily.

Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and mental activity.

It rules over all thoughts, ideas, and mental impressions. Mercury is also known as the planet of learning because it allows us to learn quickly from our mistakes or failures so that we don't repeat them in future.

In mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the winged messenger of the gods.

Mercury symbolizes everything to do with communication, as reflected in its better-known masculine rulership of Gemini, the talker of the zodiac.

Mercury also rules Virgo's exacting and perfection-seeking feminine sign, as the other function of the mind is to analyze, define, and dissociate.

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Quicksilver embodies these traits through the following values:


Learn quickly from our mistakes or failures

When we learn from our errors, we avoid repeating them. We apply these lessons in every project we take on, saving our clients time, money, and frustrations associated with completing technology projects.


Analyze, define, and dissociate

We take pride in our ability to analyze situations and define problems before attempting to solve them. In addition, it helps to separate personal feelings from the problem at hand so we can approach it objectively and work on solutions that are not clouded by emotion.


Communicate clearly

Communicating effectively with others is essential in our technology projects; from our colleagues to our clients, translating what we see into language that ensures everyone is on the same page is crucial to our success. Our written communication in terms of code and proces documentation is clear and concise; this ensures that our clients are always informed of the progress being made on their projects.


Think critically

We encourage critical thinking and analyzing ideas from multiple perspectives to come up with conclusions based on facts rather than emotion or bias. Our work is not just about creating something that works, but also about making sure it fits the long term vision but is executable now.

Who We Are

We are a business transformation consulting firm that helps clients with business strategy, technology implementation and organizational change management.

Our goal is to make our clients successful by helping them achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible.

We do this by

  • bridging gaps between people and ideas
  • improving communication between departments and teams
  • outlining what can be done now and what could be possible tomorrow
  • clarifying what you know now and what you don't yet know about your organization
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Our Mission
& Vision



To overcome technology-based business problems



To help mid to large-scale businesses maximize their value creation opportunities by making complex projects understandable and chaotic environments manageable

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