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We are a team of technology consultants passionate about making business work better.

We understand that technology is no longer a thing, it's a part of everything. And we believe that technology should be managed as carefully as any other critical asset in your business.

We help our clients improve their performance through better use of technology and enhance their competitiveness through innovative ideas and strategies. Our focus is on helping them achieve their goals through more effective use of information, data and people — not just more systems!

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Technology, diplomacy, strategy: the trifecta of success in large-scale problem solving.

We're usually engaged to solve confoundingly difficult systems problems. We're successful because we address the underlying personnel, organizational and team problems that stand in the way of success.

Tactics form the building blocks of any strategy, with each tactic working together towards achieving greater outcomes than they could have on their own.


Technology, political tension, and conflicting agendas: When smart IT isn't enough.

We aren't the only consultancy that delivers smart IT solutions. However, we are definitely one of few that can navigate murky political waters and help stakeholders with conflicting agendas coalesce around a common outcome.


Delivering open and transparent public consultation tools, overcoming internal skepticism, and building client credibility… on a fast-tracked schedule

In a perfect world, enterprise technology solutions connect people seamlessly, enabling robust public participation in government. Unfortunately, the world is seldom perfect. Overcoming internal skepticism and conflicting agendas around high-stakes government projects requires consensus-building and empowerment skills, on top of tech systems expertise.

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