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The world is becoming increasingly digital, which means that public institutions must also adapt their services to the digital expectations of their citizens.

Digital service transformation is only possible through collaboration. Collaboration allows us to unite efforts and resources to modernize services and meet citizens' needs.


An increasingly digital world requires digital service transformation

Digital service transformation is a journey. It requires a methodical approach and a joint effort between digital experts and business knowledge to realize maximum benefits.

Digital service transformation is the opportunity to modernize legacy technologies and processes that have been in place for decades and integrate new solutions. It provides an opportunity to reduce manual, repetitive tasks, reduce paper consumption and improve data quality. It also provides an opportunity to improve customer service and increase citizen satisfaction.

Quicksilver’s roadmapping approach

Digital Service Transformation
Digital Service Transformation


  • The people, processes, data, and technologies that make up your services and how the public interacts with them.
  • The Goals and Vision of the department.
  • Applicable regulations for the service to consider in a digitized service.
  • Determine the technology that will continue to support the services, and what needs to be retired.
Digital Service Transformation


We’ll build a roadmap that shows how you will achieve your goals and includes the steps you need to take along the way. It will align with your vision and objectives and fit your current capabilities and constraints.

The first step in creating a digital service transformation roadmap is identifying its scope: what services do you want to transform? What are the key business outcomes of this transformation? Who are the stakeholders involved in this process?

Next, we will plan how to deliver against these goals by setting up an appropriate governance structure and involving all relevant stakeholders early in the process. We’ll work with IT and operational teams but also managers across departments who may have ideas or suggestions for improving the services they use every day.

Digital Service Transformation


Once the parameters of the roadmap have been established, we’ll set up an agile methodology to ensure that new features and enhancements will be delivered effectively. We’ll work with the organizational structure to identify the skills needed to maintain the new services post-delivery.

Businesses need to transform their processes, people, products, and services for the digital transformation process to be effective.

Transformative Services

Digital transformation requires a combination of people, processes and technology. The role of digital service transformation is to connect these three elements in a way that delivers better services to citizens, reducing costs and increasing the quality of public services.

The challenge for public sector agencies is that their current systems have evolved in ways that make it difficult to take advantage of newer technology, like cloud computing and mobile computing.

Digital Service Transformation

Effective system integration

Integration combines systems, data, and people to achieve a common goal through effective collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Not every system needs to be modernized, and those that are effective in certain areas will remain. However, the goal of integration is not just to combine different systems but to create a new way of working that makes them more effective and efficient.

We’ll leverage the systems that share data and functionality to deliver more effective processes or achieve desired outcomes as part of an overall strategy.

Modernize legacy technologies

Older systems that have outgrown their original intent and are being asked to perform at a capacity they are not designed or equipped to handle. This is where modernization comes into play. Modernization is the process of bringing legacy systems up-to-date by updating their functionality, technology stack and infrastructure—and possibly even rewriting code completely.

The change isn't just about new technology; it's also about new ways of working. Agencies must embrace a more agile way of doing things, which involves moving away from traditional project approaches toward more collaborative methods involving user feedback and iteration cycles throughout the development phases.

Digital Service Transformation

Quicksilver's Digital Service Transformation Is A True Partnership Between Our Digital Experts And Your Subject Matter Experts.

This makes a digital service transformation different from any other project. We work with you to create a bespoke roadmap designed to your needs and how you work.

This means we will:

  • Get your top leadership on board with the idea of making change happen.
  • Work with you to define what success looks like for this business area (and specifically for each team involved in the project).
  • Set out clear next steps, including which teams will be involved, who is responsible for which tasks and how long it should take.

Let's start the journey together.

With all its twists and turns, the journey of change will be easier if you work with a consulting firm who deeply understands business and technology.

Together we can start your transformation process by identifying your current status concerning digitalization and then defining future requirements for your organization at both the strategic level (e.g., how do you want to position yourself?) and operational level (e.g., what are the processes that need changing?).

We’re excited to partner with you on this digital service transformation journey! We believe that the best way to ensure your organization succeeds with its digital transformation is by partnering with experts who can guide you through each phase of the process.

If you want to learn more about our approach or how we can help your organization succeed in its mission, contact us today for more information about our services.

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