When preparing your business for maximum sale – technology and people – are critical factors in maximizing value. Whether you want to sell your business to a strategic or private equity buyer, they will be looking at everything from how you run your business and how you price it, to what kind of contracts you have in place


McKinsey suggests completing a readiness scan 18 months ahead of a sale, with attention to technology in order to reduce concerns from buyers.

Working with Quicksilver

Exit preparation is a necessary part of running a business. Your product may find a new market or you may want to duplicate its success after integrating with a new product. We'll make sure that your product and brand are well-positioned for success.

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Discovery Phase

Our discovery approach to exit preparations are two-fold. First is to examine the business, vision and how the product is built to support them. Second, we will look at the standards that are in place, processes are set and general skills and structure of the team.


Planning Phase

We'll prioritize and plan the most value-creating pieces for the product, which ceremonies and rituals will support the product delivery plan, and preparations for the organization for a smooth transition.


Execution Phase

Our experts will integrate with your team to begin execution of the exit preparation plans. They'll ensure the existing team is supported while managing the changes that are occuring.




Preparing the people in your organization for sale takes great care to ensure that they feel safe in their positions to continue to produce great work, while at the same time, remaining confident in the organization's goals and not exit themselves prematurely.



Clarity in processes is key in a sale as the buyer will be looking for a clear integration path with their products. This includes product development, process development and clarity in process so that your idea can be used for other products with ease. We’ll help you develop and clarify processes so that your idea can be used for other products with ease.



Ensuring that the technology is integratable with compatible products via APIs will be key in a sale. Having the technology ready to integrate helps to maximize the value of the product.

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