Interim Engineering

No matter the reason, it's not always possible to be fully staffed at all times. So without running your existing staff ragged, augmenting a team with skilled engineers can ensure business as usual during unforeseen events


Forbes identifies that one of the top reasons projects fail is due to lack of talent. 75% of companies say that they lack confidence when it comes to project success. (Source: Geneca) 56% of projects (on an average) are bound to succeed with proper talent and change management. (Source: PMI)

Working with Quicksilver

We can deploy our experts to augment your team on an as needed basis. Our team is highly skilled and extremely resourceful and are able to get in and get working faster than you’d think was possible!

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Discovery Phase

We'll work with you to understand your current objectives and skills needed to build the best team for you from our roster.


Planning Phase

We'll work with you to understand your current team, goals, strengths and weaknesses to match with the best team of experts.


Execution Phase

Our experts will integrate with your team and work alongside them to meet the goals we discussed.




No one can perform their best without a fully staffed team. Supplementing a team can come with challenges from fitting in with the exisitng team to getting up to speed quickly. But it can also come with great benefits when overcome; the team has an opportunity to focus on their individual tasks, as well as learn from their new teammate.



Along with a fully formed team, processes can continue to be adhered to - there will no cutting corners, nothing slips through the cracks when there are enough players on the team. Interim staff can be a great opportunity to redefine development processes and introduce new processes with a skilled Engineer.



It should be no surprise at this point that a full team will help ensure consistent developemnt standards are maintained, bugs can be addressed in a reasonable time.

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