Post Merger Integration

Post-merger integration involves integrating your systems, employees, and other assets so that the newly formed company becomes a successful entity


Human risks are identified as the most unpredictable and unmanageable risks to M&A success - impacting talent and company culture

Working with Quicksilver

We'll address the human factors and ensure they are not a barrier to success. Combined with our technical expertise, our integration services make this easier to achieve so that you'll be able to continue growing quickly post merge.

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Discovery Phase

Our discovery efforts will be to uncover the IT landscape, performing application rationalization and building a target architecture.


Planning Phase

A post-acquisition integration plan is a critical success factor​. We help you determine and develop an overall strategy, so your integrated company will be able to continue growing quickly post-acquisition.


Execution Phase

Our execution efforts will be to create transparency of the IT landscape, performing application rationalization and building a target architecture.




How do we get all the people to play nicely in the sandbox? There's no clear recipe here. A merge can be a very exciting opportunity for many, but with so many activities going on, emotions can run high and care is needed to validate the experience of each individual. Our Change Management experts are excellent at the human factor of any change, and will help set each individual up for success.



As with the people, the merging of processes can be a very delicate task. While merging technologies, duplicate processes are bound to be found, but ensuring that the processes are truly duplicates, and we don't miss any less obvious steps, is crucial for success.



When merging technologies, we often look to leverage the functions of the other, while still maintaining the core functions of both.

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