Product and Software Development Lifecycle Alignment

Aligning Product and Development timelines allows a company to maximize its efficiency by optimizing available resources and working together to move products through all phases of development. Through code rework, the foundation of the software must be designed from the beginning in order to meet product release schedules


Working with Quicksilver

We'll evaluate the processes and skills in your organization and help identify roles and responsibilities. We'll work with your team to align the product vision, and set up standards and practices that align with product rollouts.

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Discovery Phase

We'll conduct a discovery of existing processes, reviewing documentation and interviewing those who are active in the process. We'll look at your existing product release expectations and explore methodologies that align best with your situation.


Planning Phase

With the discovery results, we may dive a bit deeeper with the planning phase. Setting up new processes can be complex as they really take both the people and the technology into account. We cannot simple implement agile processes in a legacy environment, so depending on your goals, we'll want to work through this.


Execution Phase

Once the plan is in place, we'll get started with any training and development needed. We'll work with teams to set up required ceremonies and rituals, as well as set up coding best practices and peer reviews.




People work well with routine, knowing what to expect in their day. From project management to product development, everyone succeeds when everyone follows the same process.



Setting up processes that accommodate both the people and the technology is key to maintaining solid processes. Process for the sake of process will collapse while deliberately curated processes can be the key to long term product development success.



Technology is often seen as a disruptive force, changing workplace practices and supporting new processes. However, technology is only effective when it supports processes that align with the organization's organizational strategy. Thus, process development should support technology and pave the way for its successful adoption.

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