Research and Development

In business, we must find innovative ways to connect with our customer base and offer new and exciting features that keep them engaged. But how do you know if new features will work with the existing product base? And how do you perform the R&D required without derailing your current production roadmaps?


Organizations around the world are spending more than 20% of their earnings on R&D.

Working with Quicksilver

We will evaluate existing product and market research, analyze results and make recommendations to help build a successful product vision. We’ll take the results and turn them into tangible prototypes that demonstrate the functionality and experience of your product.

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Discovery Phase

An analysis of current product and market with a deep dive into the code base. We'll research competition and trends to determine the vision for new development.


Planning Phase

Working with your team, we'll scope out feasible technologies that match existing skills and align with long-term corporate and product visions. The planning phase identifies where training and long term team augmentation will be required, so that we can accurately gauge the financial impact of any R&D implementation efforts.


Execution Phase

Like any development effort - we'll set up iterative processes and standard ceremonies to develop a working prototype as soon as possible, testing and evaluating to ensure we are creating a product that meets the business's long term needs.




The biggest impact for people in R&D is simply that it's fun! When people have been supporting a system for some time, they will naturally come up with ideas to see what would make it better. This is their opportunity to flex those creativity muscles and try something new.



R&D offers an opportunity to reset and not only try new technologies, but to revamp or try new development processes. Adopting a successful process while implementing a new technology is a great time to break the routine and see processes in a different capacity.



Technology research is a process of opening new paths for development with minimal damage. It's about leveraging new technologies, alongside existing ones. Incrementally making technology changes.

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