A Technical Turnaround helps you restructure your technical project in the short-term, making it profitable and successful, while stabilizing its future. We can meet you where you are and help you get back on track


70% of projects reported fail each year, but project recovery success rates can be as high as 90% or more when following a curated plan

Working with Quicksilver

Our Team's experience with troubled projects helps to recover your projects and turn them around in a quick timeframe. We work with your stakeholders to develop a recovery plan that engages your people and rebuilds confidence in the process, and ultimately realize the completed project.

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Discovery Phase

Our experts evaluate product goals and technology environment with the overall business strategy to identify key project success factors.


Planning Phase

At this stage we'll look into the past efforts and what has worked to leverage future success. With a focus on expectations, vision and core values, we’ll develop a step-by-step plan of action.


Execution Phase

Working closely with your team, providing any support needed, we'll set up required aglie ceremonies and outline roles and expectations for team members.




One of the most significant benefits of turning around a technology project is team morale. No one wants to see their efforts wasted, so recovering the project can have profound impacts, beyond the technology being implemented. We understand the impact of each individual’s work, and we are sensitive to our work in project recoveries. A bad project can destroy years of hard work, misdirect precious resources and negatively impact stakeholders.



Process turnarounds are about getting everyone on the same page. This can range from development and testing cycles to communicating with users and stakeholders. Implementing consistent processes through known methodologies.



Technology turnarounds aren't necessarily about recovering any technology. There may be architecture, data, and coding standard issues that need to be addressed. Despite all good intentions, all of these can contribute to a project's derailment.

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